“Just a note to say you are a miracle worker (my daughter) returned home a different girl after your session. Heartfelt thanks again.” 

Sometimes my clients want hypnotherapy for a specific problem and have a goal in mind.


They are wondering how to lose weight for an upcoming wedding.

Want to remove a fear of flying to join the family on the annual holiday.

Anxiety has got the better of them and they are ready to leave it behind.

Some are fed up with their habit and want to quit smoking right now.

Many are struggling to fall pregnant and have heard how much hypnotherapy can increase the success of conception.

Perhaps they have to talk in public and need some help to do so confidently.

Or maybe they are feeling too damn stressed and know how powerful hypnotherapy is in overcoming it. Especially if they have sleep deprivation because they just can’t sleep.


Amongst other specific and clear problems such as fears and phobias or general life problems…

… there are other clients, possibly you? Who don’t really know why they need hypnotherapy but just know that something isn’t right and they need to do something about it.

Over the years I have found that the clients who seek my support are busy accomplished people with full lives.

Determined to rid themselves of an issue, together we work in a specific way to allow them to grow and develop.

I also offer Quick Fix sessions. For £35 you can have access to a hypnotherapy session for your specific problem. The quick sessions currently available are;

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for a Fear of Flying

Hypnotherapy to Lose Weight

Hypnotherapy for those that Can’t Sleep

Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking


To read more about the way I work please click here.

Hypnotherapy in Farnham

Have a mind as organized as your filing cabinet.

Leave stories from the past behind.

Enjoy living the life you deserve to live.

*Sessions can be online or face to face, local and around the world



Hypnotherapy in Farnham

Hi, I’m Juliet and I’m determined to help you and other valuable people like yourself say goodbye to your problems for good. Allowing you the freedom to reach your potential, live the life you want to live and feel exuberant with it.

Through my decade of working as a therapist I have watched countless people walk through the door in the same place as you are right now and leave on a path that leads them to their optimum destination.



Hypnotherapy online and face to face.

I am based in Farnham Surrey, UK but I can work with you via Skype/Zoom/FaceTime wherever you are in the world.

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