If you are looking for hypnotherapy or support in the form of therapy, a chat, transpersonal psychology, somewhere to vent, scream, cry. All in a safe place. You have come to the right place. I am based in Farnham (Surrey, UK) but with the 21st century advantages of technology I can work with you via Skype/Zoom/FaceTime wherever you are in the world. 

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Sometimes my clients want help with a specific problem and have a goal in mind. They want to lose weight for an upcoming wedding, they want to remove a fear of flying to join the family on the annual holiday. Anxiety has got the better of them and they are ready to leave it behind. They are struggling to fall pregnant and have heard how much hypnotherapy can increase the success of conception. Perhaps they have to talk in public and need some help to do so confidently. Or maybe they are feeling too damn stressed and know how powerful hypnotherapy is in overcoming it.

Amongst other specific and clear problems such as fears and phobias or general life problems…

there are other clients, possibly you? Who don’t really know why they need hypnotherapy but just know that something isn’t right and they need to do something about it. I like to define hypnotherapy as; therapy that incorporates hypnosis, sometimes. This means that when it is beneficial I will conduct a very standard hypnotherapy session. When you arrive we will spend some time talking about the days since we last saw each other. How you have felt, whether there has been any change, what you think helped, what you think didn’t. I will then talk to you for a period of time to help you find the state of mind known as hypnosis – which is a state of mind natural for most of us, a state of intense focus. I will then use a variety of techniques to help you make positive changes. Sometimes the session will be interactive and I will expect you to answer questions and practise techniques. Other times I will talk to you, using metaphors, visualisations and positive suggestions to help you make the changes necessary.

As per my definition of hypnotherapy there are times that I will not use hypnosis within the session. Sometimes I will use indirect hypnosis, this is when we have a normal conversation but you will be in the same focused state of mind that you would be had I used direct (obvious) hypnosis. This is actually very normal for a conversation where two people are focused and engrossed. As it is when anybody is focused and immersed – take a professional sports person for example. Many sports people would be considered in a hypnotic state when playing their sport. They do not notice the crowd around them or the TV cameras following them. They are completely absorbed in their “goal”. This may mean that you leave the session thinking all we have done is talk, however the hypnosis will work it’s magic whether you have sat there with your eyes closed feeling very relaxed or eyes open feeling intently. 

As a transpersonal psychologist I subscribe to the belief that therapy is a two way process. The relationship between you and I is most important. I consider us equal and connected, within therapy we will share the experience so that, alongside my analytical stance to the sessions there is empathy and insight. Transpersonal psychology views people as unlimited in ability. I believe that everyone can use therapy to achieve greater potential. I take a humanistic approach focusing on self development, growth and responisbilities so that you can recognise your strengths, creativity and choices. I believe that you have the ability to reach your goal. 

The therapy room is a safe, supportive space in which you can explore yourself and your potential. Working towards and often surpassing your original goal. My intention is for you to gain a complete understanding of yourself, your capabilities, relationships and leave with skills to help you deal with your life experiences beyond the therapy room.

Hypnotherapy in Farnham

Have a mind as organized as your filing cabinet.

Leave stories from the past behind.

Enjoy living the life you deserve to live.

Hypnotherapy in Farnham

Hi, I’m Juliet and I’m determined to help you and other valuable people like yourself say goodbye to your problems for good. Allowing you the freedom to reach your potential, live the life you want to live and feel exuberant with it.

Through my decade of working as a therapist I have watched countless people walk through the door in the same place as you are right now and leave on a path that leads them to their optimum destination.



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