Window Cleaner come Doula

My window cleaner came this afternoon. He likes to chat. A lot. When he arrived he knocked at the door. This is never a good sign. He usually just jumps the six foot back gate. Knock, knock. Thankfully Matt opened the front door. This is never

Hypnosis is Self Hypnosis

There is a saying amongst some hypnotherapists which is often used. That is “all hypnosis is self hypnosis”. What does this mean and how relevant is it? The general gist is that the hypnotist is not in control of the hypnotised.

Finding the Right Therapist

Recently a post popped up on a local mummies Facebook page, it was someone seeking a hypnotherapist. A few people recommended me, a few people recommended another local hypnotherapist and one person recommended a less local hypnotherapist.

A Bikini Brain

ith the holiday season slowly creeping up on us I thought I’d write a shot blog on hypnosis for weight loss. After all; when the sun starts peeping through, the shops start stocking bikinis.In my personal opinion the most important thing is health.

Natural Instincts: Why we override them and how to fix it.

They say that when our alarm goes off on a cold dark morning, so that we can get to work on time, we override 43 separate natural instincts. FOURTY THREE!! Yet many of us do this daily and really without a second thought (other than we’d rather not!)