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Hypnosis for fears and phobias

Juliet Hollingsworth MSc. Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hypnosis for fears and phobias, can dramatically improve your life. If you have a fear or phobia that is effecting your life you have come to the right place. It is impossible to list all of the fears and phobias one may experience in life some are more common than others but it is good to know that all hypnosis for fears and phobias is similar so whatever your fear or phobia I can help.

In 2001 I graduated university with a degree in Financial Economics but thankfully in 2008 after a short career in The City of London a course in clinical hypnosis & psychotherapy led me up path that would change my life forever.

Before I had finished the course, people were asking if I could help them fix their problems. Help them lose weight, stop smoking, break habits. I soon had a therapy room near to the office, closely followed by a room in Harley Street. I was working 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. in a busy investment bank and then racing to my therapy room to see clients. Something had to change. In 2009 I decided to win the rat race by leaving my employer to set up as a full time, self-employed hypnotherapist.

In more recent years I have published a hypnobirthing book, furthered my studies and therapeutic capabilities with a masters degree (MSc) in Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology and taught many other hypnotherapists some of my techniques.

In 2011 after the birth of my first daughter I chose to focus on my practice in Farnham, Surrey alongside day workshops around the country.


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About Hypnotherapy with Juliet

I ask everyone I work with to come for a free initial consultation before we begin therapy. This session lasts around an hour and is for us to get to know each other and discuss the presenting issue. I have a list of questions that I will ask which enable me to find the best way to work. You can also ask any questions you may have. There is no commitment to book further sessions after this initial consultation but when you choose to we can book you in for the next available appointment.

I am able to give an idea of how many sessions you will need at the initial consultation but everybody is different and neither of us really know how you will feel after each session. On average people come for around four sessions, however whether you book another session is always at your discretion. Some people find regular sessions beneficial even when we have solved the original presenting issue. At the end of each session we discuss whether another session would be beneficial.

I generally work in a solution focused way, looking forward to your future instead of looking back. However in some situations I feel the right path is a psychotherapeutic one and we will look back to the past to find what we need to do to make changes for your present.


The initial consultation is always free. From there on sessions cost £80 and last for one hour.

Hypnotherapy for Fears & Phobias

Recently I was speaking with a client that has a fear of flying. During the conversation I mentioned the fight or flight response. The client wasn’t really aware of what this natural reaction is. Immediately after finishing the session I went on to give some breastfeeding support to a new mum. I found myself talking about the fight or flight response again. Two very different situations but the exact same conversation. It seems that the fight or flight response is so relevant for many of my clients regardless of the presenting issue.

So what is the fight or flight response?

When we consciously or unconsciously sense a threat the hypothalamus in the brain activates the sympathetic nervous system, which causes the body to speed up, tense up and become very alert. While the adrenal-cortical system activates the release of around 30 different hormones that get the body prepared to deal with a threat. All of these physical responses are intended to help you survive a dangerous situation by preparing you to either run or fight for your life.

This is the primal brain at work, the “oldest” part of our brain and the part that we share with animals. This part of the brain keeps us safe, at least it thinks it is keeping us safe. The thing is, it doesn’t understand we have things today that keeps us safe from harm, the police that patrol our streets and generally ensure we don’t have to fight or flee for our lives, the processes we have in place to keep ourselves alive such as earning money and buying what we need plus modern technology. This part of the brain still behaves as instinctually as that of wild animals. When babies are laid down away from their mother they will scream to alert the mother; as they unconsciously sense the danger. A person with any fear or phobia will (often irrationally) consciously sense danger which will in turn activate this state of high alert preparing the body to react to the dangerous situation.

The combination of our lives today and the primal brain can leave some people in a permanent state of fight or flight. This can be hugely unpleasant, especially if the reasons for it are not understood or recognised.

Hypnosis can be effectively used to manage the flight or flight response, turning it off, enabling a more relaxed life. Managing the fight or flight response is often the answer to many fears/phobias, anxiety, stress, sleep disorders and pain during birth, amongst others.

Understanding the fight or flight response is the first step, starting to take control of it using hypnosis is a great second step.

When working with a client to overcome a fear or phobia I employ many different skills, ranging from looking back to when the phobia started to either find a reason or change the current perception of the situation. I will also use lots of visualisation techniques to help your brain recognise the situation as safe.

Very often people with a fear or phobia actually fear losing the phobia. The reason for this is because we believe that the phobia is actually keeping us safe. It’s good to know that when you overcome your phobia you will feel safe in the situation.

Location & Privacy

All therapy sessions are held in my designated therapy room at home. There is direct access from outside so you do not need to come into my house and I keep at least 10 minutes between clients so your privacy is maintained.

12 Brooklands Road, Farnham GU9 9BP


Today I am flying to Sydney, Australia, something I could never have done before meeting Juliet. I have been scared of flying for years. Juliet through hypnotherapy has transformed me. I am still nervous but she has given me the tools to be calmer. I have flown to Canada, Berlin, Zurich and Greece and experienced some challenging flights, which have been so much better thanks to her hypnotherapy. I cannot recommend her enough.

Gillian Lamb

Greetings from Cyprus!

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