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Interested in how I work?

Interested in how I work?

How I Work


By combining the techniques I have learnt over the years with my intuition and the potential of my clients I have been able to successfully help many people move away from their problems and live the life they deserve.


I work in a humanistic way using hypnosis, mindfulness, trans-personal psychology and psychotherapy to help you. I am also able to give you recorded hypnosis audios for you to listen to at home if you feel it would be beneficial for you.




I like to define hypnotherapy as; therapy that incorporates hypnosis, sometimes. This means that when it is beneficial I will conduct a very standard hypnotherapy session. When you arrive we will spend some time talking about the days since we last saw each other. How you have felt, whether there has been any change, what you think helped, what you think didn’t. I will then talk to you for a period of time to help you find the state of mind known as hypnosis – which is a state of mind natural for most of us, a state of intense focus. I will then use a variety of techniques to help you make positive changes. Sometimes the session will be interactive and I will expect you to answer questions and practise techniques. Other times I will talk to you, using metaphors, visualisations and positive suggestions to help you make the changes necessary.


What is Hypnosis?


Hypnosis is sometimes referred to as a form of ‘attentive receptive concentration’, put simply; a state of concentration in which one is more open to suggestion and new ideas. We can consider hypnosis an elaborate form of suggestion that occurs within a specific context.


Portrayed as phenomenal and, whilst considered a phenomenon, in reality a typical hypnosis protocol is relatively boring. The primary components of hypnosis are an induction followed by suggestions.


Hypnotic inductions can be thought of as the first suggestion in hypnosis with the intended purpose of promoting an attentional state characterized by absorption in the words of the person saying them, and a reduction in awareness of everything else.


Considered a non-deceptive placebo hypnosis enables changes in your reactions in the same way that advertising does. As with advertising it is subtle, and you will feel normal afterwards.


When using hypnosis some people will feel an altered state of consciousness but this does not mean it is an unknown state of consciousness. It is thought we all enter a hypnotic state every day when particularly absorbed in one thing. For example sports people, in their most important competition talk about not noticing anything around them, whilst their entire focus is on the game.


Many people will feel relaxed due to the nature of the situation, for example laying on a bed or in a comfortable chair however hypnosis does not require relaxation and a relaxed person is not always in hypnosis.


Some people experience time distortion and others a feeling of disconnection from the body. Other people feel normal. There is no right or wrong, though it does seem to be the case that the more someone uses hypnosis the easier they find it to achieve a focused state of mind.


Within sessions


As per my definition of hypnotherapy there are times that I will not use formal hypnosis within the session. Sometimes I will use indirect hypnosis, this is when we have a normal conversation but you will be in the same focused state of mind that you would be had I used direct (obvious) hypnosis. This is actually very normal for a conversation where two people are focused and engrossed. As it is when anybody is focused and immersed – take a professional sports person for example. Many sports people would be considered in a hypnotic state when playing their sport. They do not notice the crowd around them or the TV cameras following them. They are completely absorbed in their “goal”. This may mean that you leave the session thinking all we have done is talk, however the hypnosis will work it’s magic whether you have sat there with your eyes closed feeling very relaxed or eyes open feeling intently.


Transpersonal Psychology


As a transpersonal psychologist I subscribe to the belief that therapy is a two way process. The relationship between you and I is most important. I consider us equal and connected, within therapy we will share the experience so that, alongside my analytical stance to the sessions there is empathy and insight. Transpersonal psychology views people as unlimited in ability. I believe that everyone can use therapy to achieve greater potential. Taking a humanistic approach I focus on self development, growth and responsibilities so that you can recognise your strengths, creativity and choices. I believe that you have the ability to reach your goal. 


My greatest priority is ridding you of anything holding you back, in the shortest time possible. I do not ask my clients to commit to months of sessions, neither do I bombard you with homework. I have spent years working with and studying people and the human mind, so that I can condense the most important and useful techniques into a short period of one-hour sessions in order to help you help yourself.


The Therapy Room


The therapy room is a safe, supportive space in which you can explore yourself and your potential. Working towards and often surpassing your original goal. My intention is for you to gain a complete understanding of yourself, your capabilities, relationships and leave with skills to help you deal with your life experiences beyond the therapy room.


  • You are committed and determined in life however something is preventing you from reaching your full potential.


  • Generally, you are fit and healthy with huge capabilities, but you are unable to demonstrate them due to the squashing nature of your troubles.


  • You are fed up with something controlling your life.


  • You’re 100% ready to commit time and money to this in order to break free from your problem and live a fuller, richer life in which you shine as the person you really are.


  • In order to be able to make other things in your life a priority forever, for the short term ridding your life of this issue is your number one priority.


  • You want to learn easy techniques that you can use at home during stressful life events to prevent anything burdening your life ever again.


you will benefit from personal sessions with me.


  • If you are looking for a quick fix, or
  • You are unable to commit to personal session due to time, financial or personal restrictions

You will find one of my quick fix sessions a big leap in your journey of transformation.


Some comments from my clients

Just a note to say you are a miracle worker – — returned home a different girl after your session. Heartfelt thanks again.

I worked with Juliet over the course of 3 months on a number of specific areas and her work had a profound and deeply positive impact. She used a combination of techniques with me and really helped me move forwards, quickly and significantly.

Juliet is very professional, accommodating and welcoming. She listens to attentively throughout each session and really makes you feel valued as an individual. 100% recommend.

Why is what I offer different to other options?

  • We will find the root cause of your issue
  • I use hypnosis to calm you and take your body out of the fight or flight response it is habitually in
  • I teach you techniques to use at home when you feel anxious, or even when you don’t
  • You will leave with a toolbox full of methods to use as you go about your daily life that will not require you to leave a room or “fit in another thing”
  • I will give you ways to maintain your new way of thought so that you do not ever have to be restricted by this problem again

When you finish your sessions with me you will be able to;

  • Function as you should in your professional role
  • Function fully in your family role
  • Go out spontaneously
  • Live a life without paranoia
  • Stop feeling like an inconvenience and annoyance
  • Socialise and enjoy it
  • Feel calmer and more tolerant
  • Be able to eat foods without worrying about the symptoms of IBS
  • Heal your body of the symptoms of anxiety

I found Juliet helpful, both with hypnotherapy and therapy. She was very welcoming and put me at ease from the very first session. Juliet has been a great support, Highly recommend.


I have so much going on already and I can’t focus on anything. How will I be able to take this on too?

There is a saying I often use; you must get closer to the fire before you put it out. Initially it may all seem a bit daunting but after you leave your first session and feel the weight lift from your shoulders you will embrace the programme and find the sessions an important and enjoyable part of your day.

Does it really work?

It really does! The techniques I use have worked time and time again with others just like you. Within the sessions you will learn exactly why it works so well. If you find it doesn’t feel the right thing for you there is no obligation to continue sessions.

I’m worried the sessions will go on and on and I won’t be able to afford it.

Can you really put a price on your health? Sometimes, paying out a weekly sum with no definite end can seem overwhelming. If you are restricted financially my quick fix series may widen your options, with each session costing just £35.

On average my clients come to me for between four and six sessions. This works out between £320 and £480. Viewing it as one lump sum makes it easier to budget. If you set aside this amount of money and need less sessions you have a bonus lump sum in your pocket. Sessions are generally weekly but can be spaced out more if your schedule is difficult. The sessions last one hour and I work during the day and the evening. There is no excuse! You can always make time to fix this situation.

Can everyone be hypnotised? What if I can’t? Will you make me do silly things?

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, hypnosis is a meditative state in which the hypnotised is; “in a zone”. Many sports people are in this state when playing their sport. Most of us go into this state daily when doing familiar things. Many successful people use this state of mind – often without labelling it as such – to perform at a high standard.

Unfortunately, we do not have the powers of Harry Potter. I say to my clients; if I was able to make you do things, I would be a multimillionaire by now. What I do have is psychological and therapeutic knowledge, over a decade of experience, the ability to pass on what I know and the tools to help you understand yourself, so that you can rid your body of anxiety and grow into the best version of you.

To summarise this is what you will get from the sessions;

The Free Initial Consultation

Whilst the free initial consultation is there for me to ask the questions I need, you to ask any you have and for us to get to know each other, most people leave having learnt a lot about themselves and some eye opening knowledge about why their body is reacting in the way it is.

The First Session

After the first session you will leave feeling relaxed and possibly like a weight has been lifted. As the sessions progress you will get more used to this relaxed state. Starting to spend more time out of the unwanted state and with a growing toolbox of techniques. As we reach the root cause of the problem and begin to see what needs to change the sessions will become more solution focused. Exploring the You. The person you had forgotten You could be. Often you will realise the best version of You surpasses all expectations and you will find a belief in yourself you didn’t even know existed.

The End

The sessions end when you feel you have achieved exactly what you wanted to achieve. Whilst I will happily tell you what I feel, I will always ask you when you think your next session should be and whether you feel you need any more.


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